Communion is an Expression of Fellowship

I Cor. 11:23-26,33

The Christian faith is an expression of God’s love for the world.

There are many principles of faith that express God’s divine will for the body of Christ loving Him through loving one another.

The commandment that is less seen by the world is the commandment to love one another as Jesus has loved us.

There are practices that we engage in that are designed to promote and build fellowship in the Lord’s church.

  • Water baptism, Rom. 6:4, “Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in the newness of life.”
    • Water Baptism is an expression of fellowship, being buried with Christ together and risen with Him.
  • The Lord’s Supper, refered to as Communion is to share in a fellowship meal with the body of Christ, through loving God and the saints of God.
The communion means to be in union with the other members of the body of Christ.

The communion is the fulfillment of Jesus prayer in John 17:21, “That they all may be one; as thou Father art in me and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.”

Being in fellowship with God is an outwardly expression through partaking of this spiritual meal called communion.

So, for this church the first Sunday is a statement on being one, demonstrated through eating and drinking the elements that are symbolic of Jesus death burial and resurrection.

Our theme: growing spiritually mature through loving God and people is expressed through partaking of the Lord’s supper.

  1. The communion is God’s commandment- vs.23.
  2. The communion is a memorial meal- 24.
  3. The communion is a statement of faith- vs.25-26.
  4. The communion is act of fellowship- vs. 33.

The Lord’s supper is the distinctive symbol of worship empowered by fellowship in the Lord’ church.

Sharing Christ and all that he is and sharing life ups and downs with each other.

Our fellowship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit unites us in fellowship with one another.

We are connected to one another through our connection with Christ.

Therefore, our eating and drinking is far more than just eating and drinking, it is obedience to God’s commandment.

  1. The communion is God’s commandment- vs. 23.
       “For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you that the Lord Jesus the same night in which he was betrayed took bread.”
  1. God’s word is to be shared with God’s people.
  2. Christ is our example to follow is this ordinance given to His church.
  3. Jesus’ love for the disciples is demonstrated.
    1. The betrayal did not change his love.
    2. Love must be unconditional if fellowship is to exist.
    3. Jesus was betrayed and denied, but gave love to the betrayer and denial.
God commanded us to be in right relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  1. The communion is a memorial meal- vs. 24.
       “And when he had given thanks, he brake it and said take eat: this is my body, which is broken for you this do in remembrance of me.”
  1. The communion is to remind us of our fellowship with Christ.
  2. Jesus’ actions remind us to be thankful for what we have and those who we share life with.
  3. Our fellowship is spiritual but lived out practically through the physical sacrifice of Jesus body.
    1. Eating of his body is the fellowship of sharing in his suffering and ultimate death and resurrection.
    2. Breaking of his body is emblematic of the cost of our fellowship with God.
So, when we eat and drink our mind is to be stayed on him!
  1. The communion is a statement of faith- vs. 25-26.
       “After the same manner also he took the cup, when he had supped saying, this cup is the New Testament in my blood: this do ye, as often as ye drink it in remembrance of me.”
  1. The faith is believing that Jesus’ death and resurrection fulfilled the law and ushered in grace.
  2. The New Testament speaks of the church.
  3. The church is people who have been purchased with Jesus shed blood.
    1. The same blood that purchased us wash our sins away.
    2. The cup represents the blood of Jesus.
    3. Drinking of his blood is an expression of fellowship.
While we are drinking of the cup our mind is to be stayed of Jesus!

“For as often as ye eat this bread and drink this cup ye do shew the Lord’s death till he come.” vs. 26
  • Fellowship of watching and waiting until he comes!
  1. The communion is an act of fellowship- vs. 33.
       “Wherefore my brethren when ye come together to eat, tarry one for another.”
  1. Fellowship is a vital part of being a believer in Christ.
  2. Fellowship is expected in the body of Christ.
    1. When ye come together for the fellowship meal.
  3. Fellowship with our brothers and sisters is to be often.

We are to be living together and loving each other until Jesus come back to take us home! 

Jesus is our connection to God the Father and to each other.

The blood of Jesus unites us in fellowship.

Just as the blood in our bodies connects us to every organ in our body, so does the blood of Jesus!

So, we are not just eating today we are expressing fellowship with God and each other.