Deacon Ministry

The Deacon’s Ministry is vital to the spiritual health of the church. These are men who are chosen by the church to supply spiritual leadership along with the pastor to the entire congregation. These men are to meet the qualification spelled out in Scripture in First Timothy 3:8-13. Also Acts 6:3 states, “Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.”  These men who serve in this ministry embrace the vision of the church given by the pastor which he has received from God.  This ministry serves the Lord through serving the people. The word deacon comes from the Greek word diakonos meaning to serve. This ministry serves through leading in the worship celebration. They are leading in giving, in praying, in singing, and supporting the pastor in the effort of growing the Lord’s church spiritually, numerically, and financially. The deacons visit the sick, those in the hospital and those who are home. The Deacons ministry provides provides invaluable service to the Lord’s church. This ministry assists the pastor in the operational process of the church.