The savior searching for sinner
Luke 19:1-10
Dr. Edward Bland, 09/4/17
I.The Savior seeking sinners- vs. 1-2
“And Jesus entered and passed through Jericho. And behold there was a man name Zaccheus, which was the chief among the publicans and he was rich”
a.A sinner on the surface looks like everything is alright
  1. He is Jew, a part of the privilege of society
  2. He is the chief tax collector, has a good job
  3. He is rich, money opens a lot of doors
b.Evangelism is going where the sin sick people are
c.Love for souls led Jesus to Jericho
II.The sinner in need of a savior- vs. 3-4
“And he sought to see Jesus who he was: and could not for the press because he was little of stature”
a.Zaccheus have a desire to be saved
  1. He is a divine appointment
  2.  Holy Spirit has prepared him to receive the savior
b.Zaccheus wants a relationship with the savior
  1. To know who Jesus is
  2. See is the Gr. verb eido to know experientially
c.There are often obstacles that hinder sinners
  1. Zaccheus is short and can’t see over the crown
  2. But his hunger is too strong to allow anything to keep him from Jesus
“And he ran before and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see him for he was to pass that way”
  1. Running was considered undignified for people of status
  2. But he lays his ego and pride aside to see Jesus
III.The Savior saves the sinner- vs. 5-6
And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up and saw him and said unto him, Zaccheus make haste and come down for today I must abide at thy house”
“And he made haste and came down and received him joyfully”
a.Jesus was looking for Zaccheus all the time
b.Jesus came to the place and looked up and saw him
  1. Looked up is anablepo to see with the eye
  2. Saw is the verb eido means to know, to understand
1.Jesus saw his condition, Jesus knew his pain
2.Jesus knew his emptiness & unfulfilled life
c.Zaccheus eagerly and willingly received salvation that Jesus so freely offered
  1. He got in a hurry and received Him joyfully
  2. Received Him joyfully indicates salvation
  3. Joyfully is the Gr. word chairo which is related charis which is grace. Joy is a product of grace
d.Zaccheus is a saved man now, Jesus has changed his life
IV.Haters oppose the savior and sinners- vs.7
“When they saw it, they all murmured saying that he was gone to be guest with a man that is a sinner”
a.Pharisees  was not happy about a sinner being saved
b.They were not happy about Jesus eating with a sinner
c.They were religious but had no relationship with God
V.Saved folk are changed folk- vs. 8
“And Zaccheus stood and said unto the Lord; behold, Lord the half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken anything from any man by false accusation I restore him fourfold.”
a.His actions are evidence of being saved
b.He stands up and confesses and repents publicly
c.He calls Jesus Lord, which is kyrios means supreme ruler
  1. Zaccheus knows now that Jesus is more than a miracle worker
d.He is a giver now and no longer a taker
  1. He is giving half of his money to the poor
e.He is paying back what he has stolen from people
VI.The Savior affirms the sinners’ salvation- vs. 9-10
a. Confirmation: this day is salvation come to this house
  1. House is oikos  a dwelling, household, a family
  2. The house is Zaccheus body
b.Jesus says he is a son of Abraham biologically
c.But now he is a son of Abraham spiritually