Jesus’ Focus on His Mother

John 19:25-28

Mother’s day was started by Anna Jarvis in 1908 three years before her mother died in a Methodist Church

She later got a petition with many signatures to make it a Holiday and president Woodrow Wilson officially designated the 2nd Sunday in May as Mother’s Day

There are some religious people who do not honor their mothers on Mother’s Day because they have been told it’s worshipping idols

But for the record the Old Testament in Exo 20:12 and the New Testament in Eph. 6:2 both emphatically commands us to honor thy Mother

Therefore Mother’s Day has a biblical reference

And here our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ Honors His biological mother by focusing upon her

Jesus focus upon His mother indicates great love and concern for her well being

To Focus on Christ to become more like Christ is to focus upon our mothers

Many are sad today because their mother is no longer here but I am glad, not that my mother got sick and died but I am glad I know she is alright

And that is Jesus’ concern in our text is to make sure that His mother will be alright
Jesus’ focus on His Mother
John 19:25-28

I.     Jesus saw his Mother- vs. 26

II.    Jesus spoke to his mother – vs. 26b

III.   Jesus supplied help for his mother- vs. 27

I always have loved my mother unconditionally because she loved me unconditionally

As a child my plan was to buy my mother a home one day because we moved from place to place a lot of renting and I wanted to buy her a house and give her the deed but I was not able to make that happen

I did offer her one of my rental houses but she declined

Jesus focus on his mother should help us to focus on ours, for those whose mother is still here

And for those of us who did the best we could for our mother, be glad and rejoice because you fulfilled God’s purpose for making you

Children are to be a blessing to their parents not a burden

Jesus’ focus on his mother
I.     Jesus saw His mother-  vs. 26
“When Jesus therefore saw his mother and the disciple standing by whom he loved he saith unto his mother, woman behold thy son!"

Saw is the Gr. word eido means to perceive, saw is not blepo which is to physically see

The saw implies more than just seeing

When therefore saw his mother!

Let’s deal with the therefore!
1.     After being arrested, beaten, and humiliated by his enemies
2.     After being abandon by his disciples, being sold out for 30 pieces of silver by Thomas, and being denied 3 times by Peter and all the rest ran away and left him all along
3.     So therefore…
a.  Jesus’ mother was there when the rest were gone
b.  Jesus focused on his mother and his mother is focused on him
c.  The focus of Jesus on his mother and his mother’s focus on him is a power statement of love
d.  When Jesus therefore saw his mother!
  • He saw her love
  • He saw her pain
  • He saw her heart
  • He saw the person who was always there

A good mother will never give up on her child
A good child will always focus on his or her mother

Jesus focus on his mother is powerful:
  • Because he is still in pain from the physical beating
  • He is still in mental and emotionally pain
  • He is dying and in need of help himself
  • But his focus is on his mother and not himself


II.    Jesus spoke to his mother- vs. 26b
“He saith unto his mother, woman behold thy son!"
a.  Jesus spoke love to his mother
  • Woman is a term of endearment
b.  Jesus spoke a comforting word to his mother
c.  Behold thy son is to look at thy son
  • Focus on John while I am away
  • Son was the care taker of the mother when the father passes
d.  Jesus turns his mother’s care over to John
e.  Jesus focus was not on his predicament but on his mother’s care

You better do all you can for your mother while you can, because one day she or you is going to leave here


III.   Jesus supplied help for his mother- vs.27
“Then saith he to the disciple, behold thy mother”
a.  Jesus earlier assigned to follow me and make disciples
b.  Now Jesus assigned John to his mother’s care
c.  John’s new assignment is added to his old assignment
d.  Jesus supplied his mother’s basic needs through John
  • Housing is supplied
  • Food and clothing is supplied
  • Love is supplied
  • Spiritual needs are supplied
Everything that Mary needed John would supply!

Jesus took time out from dying to focus on his mother
1.  Jesus saw his mother
2.  Jesus spoke to his mother
3.  Jesus supplied help for his mother

I thank God for my mother

She focused on me all the days of my life until she departed this world

My mother had to leave me in Aug 5, 2017

But that’s all right, Psalm 27:10, “When my father and my mother forsake me then the LORD will take me up”