Test of faith for worship
Genesis 22:1-14
Dr. Edward Bland, 05/6/18
  1. Test of faith in worship is giving back to God what God giving to us- vs. 1-2
  1. God’s tests always are to make us stronger
  2. God tests our love for him by asking for what we love most
  3. God tests our willingness to give unto him what he has given unto us, his best
  4. You cannot really worship God unless you are obedient to God
  5. Worship is giving God what we want most
  1. Faith in worship on display - vs. 4-5
“I and the lad will go yonder and worship and come again to you”
  1. Faith in God anticipate worship
  1. Looking toward the place of worship
  1. Sometimes we have to leave somethings and some people behind to really worship even in the house of God
  1. Everyone does not come for worship
  2. Some come for mess
  3. Some come to be seen and heard
  4. Some come to disturb and distract
  1. Faith to believe that whatever you give God he will give it back
  2. Faith to focus on God in worship
  1. Worship is to pay homage and give adoration to God
  2. Abraham trust God to raise Isaac from the dead
  3. Isaac trust his father trusting God
  1.  Faith, ministry, and fellowship helps us to worship- vs. 6-8
  1. Faith is exercised through ministry- vs 6
  2. Faith is expressed through fellowship
  1. They went both of them together
  1. When you have faith to trust God you can help others to trust God by faith- vs. 7
  2. Tested faith through worship knows that God will provide- vs 8
  1. Faith’s sacrifice in worship- vs. 9-10
  1. Real worship cost us something
  2. Faith that is passing the test is willing to give back what we have received from God
  1. God gave Abraham Isaac and now Abraham is giving him back to God
  2. When God has given us everything we don’t mind giving him anything he requires
  1. Worship is giving God everything we’ve got
God sees our faith through our worship
God hears our faith through our worship
God delights in us when we pass the test of faith
  1. God responds to our faith in worship- vs.11-14
  1. God speaks to us out of heaven when he sees our faith
  1. The Angel of the LORD called unto him out of heaven!
  2. Faith moves heaven
  1. Faith exercised in worship proves our love for God
  1. God cries now I know that thou reverence God seeing thou has not withheld thy son from me
  1. God told look behind you there is a ram caught in the bushes
  2. Abraham called the place: Jehovah- jireh: God will provide
God wants to know just how much you love me!!!
Test of faith through worship proves our love to God