Disciples Praise God for Answered Prayer
Psalm 40:1-5
Dr. Edward Bland, 05/29/16
I.David prays and wait on God- vs. 1
a.Praying and waiting are indications of totally trusting in God
b.A disciple of God will pray and wait while he or she prays
  1. Waiting is not worrying
  2. Waiting is not complaining
  3. Waiting is not working to fix it
  4. Waiting is trusting God to fix it
Wait is the Heb. word “qavah” (Kaw-vaw) figuratively to expect, literally wait upon
c.He inclined unto me
Inclined is the Heb. word “natah” means to bend over, to lean over
  1. He stood up from his throne and leaned over heaven balcony to hear my prayer
d.He heard my cry
Heard is the Heb. word “shama” to hear intelligently, understand
  1. He heard my cry for help
A disciple prays and waits on the LORD
  1. He does not give up on praying
  2. He does not give up on waiting
II.God responds to David’s prayer for help- vs. 2
a.He brought me up also out of a horrible pit
  1. He brought me up and out
  2. I could not get up or out by myself
Horrible is the Heb. word “shaon” (Shaw-one) implication of a deep dark place, a place of desolation and destruction
b.He brought me out of the miry clay
  1. Miry clay is mud which is slippery
  2. Mud is sticky and messy
  3. Mud causes one to sink deep in to it which hinder mobility
c.He set my feet upon a rock
Set is the Heb. word “koom” mean to rise
  1. God took me from a sinking place to a solid place
  2. God took me from a slippery place to a stable place
Rock is solid
d.He established my going
  1. He prepares my going
III.Prayer creates praise and worship in the life of a disciple who prays- vs.3
a.He put a new song in my mouth
  1. God has given me a new and fresh occasion to praise him
b.A new praise unto our God
  1. Praise is the Heb. word “tehilla” the Greek word is “hallelujah” to speak well of God
c.Evangelism is birthed out of praise
“Many shall see it”
d.Worship is expresses out of praise
“And fear and shall trust in the LORD”
  1. Fear is the Heb. word yare to revere,
  2. Trust is the Heb. batach to have confidence
  3. LORD is Jehovah the self-existent, eternal
IV.Blessed is the disciple who prays and trusts in God- vs.4
Blessed is the Heb. word “esher” meaning spiritually blessed
a.He is blessed because his trust is in God
b.He is blessed because his God is trustworthy
c.He is blessed because his God does not show favoritism
d.He is blessed because his God is holy
e.He is blessed because he prays and wait on the Lord
V.Praise God for his too many blessing to count- vs. 5
a.Many O Lord are thy wonderful works
  1. Wonderful works are the amazing things that only God can do
b.God’s plans for us are incredible and incomprehensible to the human mind
c.I would tell others about all that you have done for me but they are too many to count