Jesus Calls us to Discipleship
 Matthew 11:28-30
Dr. Edward Bland, 05/22/16
I.It is a personal call to salvation- vs. 28
a.Jesus calls us to himself because He is who we need
  1. He calls us to come to Him
  2. He calls us to believe Him
  3. He calls us to trust Him
Come is the Gr. verb deute it is the imperative which is a command
b.Jesus calls us to Himself because we need Him
  1. All is the Gr. word pass means all, any, and every
  2. Labor is the Gr. word kopiao to be weary
  3. Laden is the Gr. word phortizo means over burden
  4. Labor indicates a life that is hard and difficult, a life with setbacks and disappointments, a life of struggles, a life that is filled with discouragement and darkness and sadness
  5. Laden is to be overloaded with the cares of life, it is to be burden down, to be weighed down with a load too heavy to carry
c.Jesus calls us to rest in Him
  1. Rest is the Gr. word anapauo means to refresh
II.It is a personal call to fellowship- vs. 29
“Take my yoke upon you”
  1. Yoke is the Gr. word zugos means a coupling
  2. To yoke up with Jesus is to be in fellowship with Him
  3. A yoke was used to couple two ox’s together to share a work load
  4. To yoke up with Jesus is to let him help you carry your load
  5. Take my yoke is a command from Jesus to us
  1. Take is the Gr. verb airo it is an imperative
1.It’s an urgency for you and me
2.The sooner we take his yoke the lighter our load will be
3.The sooner we take his yoke the sweeter our life will be
III.It is a personal call to discipleship- vs. 29b
“Learn of me”
Learn is the Gr. word manthano which is derived from mathetes meaning disciple
  1. Discipleship is to come to Jesus and know him and follow him
  1. We follow folks on social media: tweeter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapshot and ect.
  2. Jesus says follow me as my disciple
  3. Follow me because no one loves you like me
  4. Follow me because no one has to offer you what I can do
1.Follow me, I am meek which is gentle
2.Follow me I am lowly in heart which is humble
3.Jesus says if you come and follow me you will fine rest unto your souls
  1. The promise attached to three powerful verbs
1.Come unto me
2.Take my yoke upon you
3.Learn of me
  1. You shall find rest unto your souls
  2. A declarative statement of certainty
  3. A statement of assurance
IV.A personal call to a better life in Christ- vs.30
a.For my yoke is easy
  1. Easy is the Gr. adjective chrestos meaning good not bad
  2. Jesus says my yoke is gracious and kind
  3. Jesus says my yoke is loving and forgiving
  4. Jesus says my yoke is kind and gentle
b.My burden is light
  1. Burden is the Gr. word phortion means load
  2. Jesus says my way is not grievous
  3. Jesus says my way is not burdensome