A mother’s faith in God in a tragedy
2 Kings 4:14-37
Dr. Edward Bland, 05/13/18
  1. A mother’s heart is broken but her faith is whole- vs. 18-20
  1. What do you do when your child leaves home healthy and comes back sick
  2. A mother’s love and care holding her son in her arms and no doubt praying
  1. A godly mother always prays for her child
  1. What does a mother of faith do when your child dies in your arms
  1. When he seems like praying didn’t work
  1. A mother’s faith responds to a great tragedy- vs. 21-26
  1. Faith leads us to God in our tragedy
  1. And she went up and laid him on the bed of the man of God and shut the door upon him and went out
  2. She believes that this is the place where God meet the man of God
  3. God gave her, her son and now faith leads her to take him back to God
  1. Mother’s faith leads her to honor her husband even in this great tragedy- vs. 22
  1. She is not mad at God or her husband
  2. Her faith is sustaining her in the darkest hour of her life
  1. Her husband is confused about her God- vs. 23
  1. He thinks God only works on certain days
  2. He thinks the man of God only come to church on the days the church meets
  3. Mother’s faith says it is going to be all right
  1. Her faith brings her to the man of God- vs. 25
  1. Elisha sees her and sends Gehazi his servant to meet her
  2. She tells him everything is all right because she wants to see the man of God
  1. A mother expresses her hurting heart to God’s man- vs. 27-29
  1. Even people of faith expresses pain in the midst of tragedies
  2. She physically falls down before the man of God but her faith is standing- 27
  1. Her pain is unbearable
  2. Her distress is devastating
  1. She questions the prophet about giving her a son in the first place and said I told you don’t deceive me
  1. She is saying it would be better to have never had a child than to have a child and he dies
  1. Mother’s faith to trust God in her pain- vs. 30-35
  1. Faith causes us to stick to God and never let go 
  1. She is holding on to hope
  2. She believes since God gave her the child He is able to bring the child back to life
  3. She believes if he did one miracle then he can do another one
  1. Elisha sends his servant with his staff to recover the boy’s life
  1. The power of God is not in things God uses
  2. This mother believes that God works through Elisha not his servant or his staff
  1. She exercises her faith by trusting God to work through Elisha
  1. She goes to her house and waits of God
  2. Elisha goes to his room where the dead boy is
  3. The mother is praying and Elisha is praying and God is working on a dead boy
  1. Faith pays off, God put life back into the boy