Doing ministry when you need ministry
I King 17:1-16
Rev. Edward Bland, Th.D., 05/07/17
Elijah’s ministry begins with a meeting with King Ahad in verse #1, As the LORD God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word.
When we do ministry for God, he supplies ministry for us
I.God provides ministry through unexpected sources- vs. 2-11
a.God provides water for the ministry when there is no water to be found- vs. 4
b.God takes a flesh eating bird to bring bread and flesh in the morning and in the evening
c.God takes a window with little of nothing and using her little for ministry- vs. 8-11
  1. The woman’s dilemma
1.She is a widow, helpless and hopeless
2.No husband no help
3.She is in an emotional crisis (she is ready to give up)
God will use unusual things and unusual places and unusual circumstances to meet the needs for ministry to bring glory to Him and good to us
II.Those with the least God uses the most for ministry- 12-13
a.She doesn’t have much food but it appears she has knowledge of God
  1. And she said, as the LORD thy God liveth”
  2. LORD is Jehovah the self-existent one
  3. God is Elohim the supreme God
b.Why God would choose someone who does have much of anything to give to him for ministry?
Two reason:
  1. To show Himself strong that all would know that He is God
  2. To bless the one who needs a blessing
Well, how do you get what you need when you don’t have what you need, well you give it to God and God will multiply it and give it back to you
c.God does not exclude the needy from ministry opportunities, God will use the ministry opportunity to bless you with what you need
d.Ministry requires trusting God with what you’ve got
e.Ministry requires putting God first- vs.13
God has called all of us to ministry we’ve just got to trust God to do the ministry in us and through us
III.God’s promise to those who work ministry for him- vs.14-16
a.If you give God what you want God will give you what you need
b.If you want to see a miracle in your ministry start trusting God with all you’ve got
c.A specific promise to ministry workers for God
  1. The barrel of meal shall not run out
  2. The jar of oil shall not fail
  3. Your meal barrel and your jar of oil will not run out while the famine last
d.When she did what God said, God did what he promise
“And she went and did according to the saying of Elijah: and she and he and her house did eat many days”
Look at God work a miracle for the ministry of Elijah?
  1. The prophet has what he needs
  2. The window has what she needs
  3. The boy has what he needs
When we are at our worst God is at his best