A mother’s ministry of prayer
I Samuel 1:1-18
Rev. Edward Bland, Th. D.  05/14/17
I.A mother’s pain causes her to pray- vs. 1-2, 6
a.Hannah is caught up in a polygamous relationship
  1. Elkanah has two wives
b.Hannah is barren she is unable to have children
  1. Childbearing was very important in the bible days it gave a woman worth and value
c.She is living in a house where she is being tormented daily by her husband’s other wife- vs. 6
II.A mother’s pain creates passion for praying- vs. 6-10
a.God allows the pain and her enemy stirred the pain
  1. God uses the pain to shape our ministry for him
  2. Satan uses the pain to try to destroy us
b.Hannah’s pain causes her to pray
c.Praying creates passion in her pain- vs. 10
  1. Bitterness of soul is a description of her emotional state
  2. She is heavy laden with burden too hard to bear
  3. She is loaded down in sorrow
III.A mother praying out of pain with passion evolves into ministry- vs. 11-16
a.Ministry of prayer changes Hannah
b.Ministry of prayer changes her mindset
  1. She goes from pleasing herself to pleasing God
  2. She goes from having what I want when I want it to God whatever you will is, is ok with me
  3. She goes from thinking a child would complete her to knowing God has already completed her
c.Her ministry of prayer led to a greater ministry
  1. Ministry is giving God what you want
  2. Her ministry to God is giving what she’s been praying for her whole life
IV.A mother’s ministry of prayer changes her- vs. 17-18
a.Eli affirms her prayers and confirms that God has heard and will give you just what you need
b.Prayer changes her, she is no longer worried about having a child God is enough
  1. God satisfies her soul and her mind
  2. She left home sad but now she is glad
  3. She left home with her head down but now her chest is poked out and her head is lifted up
c.She is filled with Joy and God has not done what she asked him to
d.Real faith is being happy with  God even if he does not do what you want him to do
  1. Whatever your will is.  It is well with my soul
V.A ministry of prayer results in answered prayer- 19-22
a.If you pray right and if you pray long enough God will come and see about you
b.Hannah went the church with her family early the next morning
  1. Praising God for just being God
  2. Peninnah meanness could not kill her joy
c.A ministry of praying is putting it in God’s hand and trusting God in the sense that whatever you do Lord is alright with me
d.Hannah went home with her family and God remembers her and she conceived
  1. She name her baby boy Samuel, mean asked of God
Hannah ministry of prayer led to a greater ministry she gave Samuel to God to serve all of the days of his life