Exercising faith is sometime being different
Genesis 6:5-9
Dr. Edward Bland, 03/25/18
Sin brings sadness to the heart of God- vs. 6, “And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart”
  1. Repented is naham (naw-kham) means to be sorry
  2. Grieved is atsab (aw-tsab) to be hurt
Faith brings gladness to the heart of God- vs. 8, “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD”
  1. Grace is hen (Khane) favor of God
  2. Faith brings the favor of God into our lives
Verse 9, “These are the generation of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations and Noah walked with God”
  1. Just man suggest faith for righteous living- vs. 9
“Noah was a just man”
Just is the Hebrew word saddiq (saw-deek) to be righteous
  1. Faith is the fuel for righteous living
  2. Faith gives Noah power to choose God over wickedness
  3. Faith helps us to be comfortable with God even though you may be considered odd and an outsider according to the world
Why does God boast about Noah’s faith?
  1. God looked through the land and wickedness was everywhere except in Noah
  2. All the people’s purpose and thoughts of their heart was to do evil but not Noah lived to please God
  3. What about us are we doing what everyone else is doing or are we living to please God
Secondly Noah was empowered to be different…
  1. Perfect man suggest spiritual maturity through discipleship
“Perfect man in his generation”
Perfect is  tamim (taw-mim) blameless, complete, mature
  1. Faith leads to spiritual maturity in Christ
  2. Mature man or woman requires work
  1. God’s work is his word and his Spirit working in us and on us
  2. Our work is making ourselves available:
  1. Discovery and Bible study
  2. Sunday school and worship
  3. Personal study
  1. Perfect in his generation is saying Noah was spiritually mature in his generation
  1. If no one else is maturing spiritually on your basketball, football, baseball, or cheerleading team you can, be bold and be different
  2. Say no to sin and yes to God
  1. Walked with God suggest intimate fellowship with God
“And Noah walked with God”
Walked is  halak indicates intimate relationship, fellowship
  1. Faith to walk with God give power to live for God
  2. How can two walk together except they agree Amos 3:3
  1. You can’t walk with the world and walk with God at the same time
  2. You can’t have one foot in the church and the other foot in the world
  3. Young people you can be saved and have fun too without sinning
  1. To walk with God is to be in fellowship with God
  2. Fellowship with God is to love God more than the world and the things of the world
Noah’s faith in God helps us to exercise faith in being different!