Faith is demonstrated through ministry
Jeremiah 38:7-13
Dr. Edward Bland, 03/11/18
Faith and courage has always existed in the men and women of God throughout the Bible
  1. Noah’s faith to build a boat on dry land no water in sight
  2. Rahab’s faith to hide the spies
  1. Jeremiah’s faith to say what God says and
  2. Ebed-melech’s faith for ministry to God by saving Jeremiah from imminent death
  1. Faith fuels courage for ministry- vs. 7-9
  1. Faith would not allow him to do nothing when he heard
  1. Faith arouses our conscience when wrong is prevailing
  1. Faith troubles our spirits when we sit on the sideline doing nothing
  1. As Jeremiah could not stay when he tried to quit the ministry, “He cried it is like fire shut up in my bone”
  1. Faith works on us and works in us for God’s glory
  2. Faith moves him and causes him to speak for God- vs. 8
  3. Faith gives him courage to speak the truth in a hostile environment- vs. 9
  1. The king approved Jeremiah being put in the dungeon
  2. The princes are the one who suggested killing Jeremiah by placing him in the dungeon
  1. Faith and courage produces influence for ministry- vs. 10
  1. Saying what you say in a godly manner invokes the power of God
  2. Ebed-melech’s faith and courage persuades Zedekiah to help and assist his ministry
  3. Courage to ask and faith to believe God will move  on your behalf brings the presence of God into your ministry
  1. Zedekiah gives 30 men to assist in Ebed-melech’s ministry to God
  2. The faith of Ebed-melech changes the king mind about killing Jeremiah
  1. Faith is ministry in action- vs. 11-13
  1. Faith to lead others in ministry- vs. 11
  2. Faith gives us access to ministry resources
  1. Use what you’ve got for God’s glory for ministry
  2. God takes what we have and makes it work for ministry good- vs. 11
  1. Ministry for God is ministering to the need of others- vs.12
  1. Our ministry for God is meeting the needs of others
  1. Ebed-melech’s ministry to Jeremiah is for God’s glory and God’s purpose
  1. Ministry is done with the care and comfort of others in mind
  1. Ministry is faith in action- vs. 13
“So they drew up Jeremiah with cords and took him up out of the dungeon and Jeremiah remained in the court of the prison”
  1. Faith for ministry is going where the need is and meeting the need
  2. Ebed-melech exercise faith and demonstrates courage to rescue the prophet of God from imminent death
  3. Ebed-melech risks his life to save Jeremiah’s life