Resurrection's Joy: The stone rolled away

Mark 16 1-8
Dr. Edward Bland, Pastor/Teacher
The resurrection of Christ gives us access and power to grow spiritually mature in Christ but there are some stones blocking out way:
-Stone of doubt
-Stone of unbelief
-Stone of uncertainly
-Stone of procrastination
-Stone of fear
The women's delimma is ummed up in the question, "Who shall roll us away the stone?"

The significance of who will roll us away the stone Vs. 1-3
a. The women's mind was on the challenge of ministry
b. They were devot3ed to ministry for the Lord
c. They were determined to do ministry in the midst of the challenges
   -The stone was huge and heave how would they move it or who would help them
   -The stone has the government seal upon it which makes it illegal to move the seal
   -The stone is the door to the grave and the door is guarded by Roman soldiers who has orders to use deadly force to keep anyone      from disturbing the grave
       1. But I discovered that God is a problem solver and while we are trying to figure it out God has already worked it out.
       2. I've also discover if we set out to do ministry God will move our obstacles out of our way
       3. While they were still in the bed sleep God dispatched an angel and he came and rolled the stone away from the tomb
The significance of the stone being rolled away vs 4
  a. God rolled the stone away not to let Jesus out but to show them that he was not there.
  b. The women's problem was solved before they reached the problem.
  c. The grave is empty adn open for all to see
  d. The door of the grave has been removed
  e. Charles Spurgeon said
        *Death house was firmly secured by a huge stone
        *The massive foor has been taken away from the grave door, not merely opened, but unhinged, flung aside, and rolled away               never to be closed again.
        *As Samson slept in Gaza surrounded by his enemies rose up at midnight and snatched the gates from its foundation
The immense joy of the stone rolled away vs. 5-8
   a. They saw an empty grave, they saw the sheet that Joseph of Arimathea wrapped Jesus in but his body and was not in the                clothes
   b. They saw an angel with a message from God
   c. What they saw initially frighten them
   d. The angel's message of joy calms them
       1. Be not afraid, ye seek Jesus of Nazareth
       2.  He is risen, he is not here, bejold the place where they laid him.

The joy of the resurrection is that there is an empty grave to prove that he lives

The good news is followed by the assignment to go vs.7 , "But go your way, tell his disciples and Peter that he goeth before you in Galilee there shall ye see him, as he said unto you.