Focusing on Christ keeps us from focusing on failure

Matthew 14:30-33

God gave us eyes to see physically, with the ability not just to see things but to focus upon it

Our eyes can lead us astray or lead us to focus on the savior

What you are looking at in life can build us up or tear us down

What our eyes see sends a message to our brain to regulate how we respond to what we see

As a little boy I was afraid to look at scary pictures because the message my eyes sent to my brain was fear

Albert Hitchcock was a scary picture that I would not watch because it struck me with fear

In this journey we call life we are best served to keep our focus on Jesus because the message from my eyes to my brain is everything is all right

Focusing on Christ in the storms of this life even when the storms are scary Jesus makes it all right

In our lesson today Jesus’ disciples are in a dangerous storm

Contextually Jesus has purposely sent them into the storm

Vs. 22, “And straightway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship and to go before him unto the other side, while he sent the multitude away”

The text states that when they were in the middle of the sea, a storm ensued and the ship was tossed with waves and the wind was contrary but in the 4th watch of night Jesus came walking on the water

Vs 26
tells us what they saw cause them to fear, “And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea they were trouble, saying, it is a spirit and they cried out for fear”

Jesus calms their fear, he says be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid

Then Peter said if it be you bid me to come unto thee on the water

Jesus says come!

Our topic: Focusing on Jesus keeps us from focusing on failure

Anytime we get out of the boat in a storm it has the possibility of failure, a fix for that is to focus on Jesus in your storm

From verses 30 -33

I.     To not to focus on Christ is certain failure- vs. 30
II.    To focus on Christ in the storm is to pray- vs. 30b
III.   To focus on Christ is to know Jesus will take care of you- vs. 31
IV.    To focus on Christ is to worship HIM- vs. 32-33

Even those of us who are growing spiritually will sometimes lose focus on Jesus and look at what is around us

We got to be careful what you are looking at

If our focus is not on Jesus we are subject to failure

Notice Peter’s focus after hearing Jesus tells him to come

I.     To not to focus on Christ is certain failure- vs. 30

       “But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord saved me”

       a.  When you are not focused of Jesus you are focusing on trouble
       b.  But, the conjunction, the contrast, he was supposed to be walking to Jesus, which means his eyes should be on Jesus
       c.  Peter’s focus is not on Jesus but on the storm

  • When he saw the wind
  • Saw is the Gr. word blepo to look, to focus
  • Wind a violent agitation stream on air

       d.  When you take your eyes off Jesus, you are going to sink

2ndly to focus on Christ….

II.    To focus on Christ in the storm is to pray- vs. 30

       “And beginning to sink, he cried, saying Lord, save me”

       a.  When we lose focus of Christ we can renew our focus through praying to Christ
       b.  Focused people are praying people
       c.  To focus on Christ in the storm is to know God hears and answers prayers
       d.  Pray when you are sinking in the quick sand of life
       e.  The content of the prayer determines the power of the prayer

  • Lord save me!
  • Lord is kurios, supreme ruler of the universe
  • Praying renews our focus on Jesus


III.   To focus on Christ is to know Jesus will take care of you- vs. 31

       “And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him and said unto him o thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?"

       a.  Focus on God because our God is a right now God

  • He may not come when you want him but He is always on time

       b.  Focus on God because Jesus will reach way down and pick you up
       c.  Our God will catch you when you falling
       d.  When we take our eyes off Jesus it causes us to doubt
       e.  Faith is weaken when we don’t focus on Christ


IV.    To focus on Christ is to worship HIM- vs. 32-33

       a.  When Jesus shows up in the storm everything becomes calm

  • The wind ceased, no longer blowing violently, no longer contrary
  • Even the wind and the rain obeys his voice

       b.  Everything has changed in the boat since Jesus arrived

  • Where there was chaos now there is calm

  • Where there was fear now there is peace

       c.  The only response when Jesus shows us is to worship Him

  • They who were in the ship trying to steady the ship, now they kneel before the King of kings
  • They who once were screaming in fear are now praising the Savior
  • Of a truth thou art the Son of God

       d.  To focus on Christ is to worship Jesus

  • They worship because of who he is
  • They worship because of what he did
  • They worship because they saw what he did

If we keep our eyes on Jesus he will give us perfect peace