Disciples Praise for Answered Prayer (Part 2)
Psalm 40:1-5
Dr. Edward Bland, 06/5/16
I.Prayer creates praise and worship in the life of a disciple who prays- vs.3
a.He put a new song in my mouth
Put is the Heb. word Nathan (naw-than) mean to give
New is the Heb. word chadash (Kaw-dawsh) mean fresh or new
  1. New song is not a dry song, not a boring song,
  2. New song is packed with excitement and praise
  3. The song contains a message of who God is and what God has done for me
  4. A powerful song always leads to powerful praise
  1. God has given me a new and fresh occasion to praise him
  2. New expression of praise for God’s deliverance
  3. My gratitude writes a new song in my heart to tell the world what God has done
b.A new praise unto our God
Our God is Elohim the creator and sustainer of life
Our suggest personal intimate relationship and genuine fellowship
  1. It’s a new praise because I am saying new things about the current deliverance
  2. Praise is the Heb. word tehilla the Greek word is hallelujah to speak well of God
  3. Hallelujah is the highest praise
c.Evangelism is birthed out of praise
“Many shall see it”
  1. Many will come to know God because of who he is
  2. Many will come to know God because of what has done
  3. Many will come to know him because of my response to God grace and mercy toward me
  4. Godly praise will bring the attention of others to God
d.Worship is expressed out of praise
“And fear and shall trust in the LORD”
Praise is an outward expression of God goodness
Worship is an inward expression of God presence
  1. Fear is the Heb. word yare to revere, reverence God to be in awe of God, to worship God
  2. Trust is the Heb. word batach to have confidence in, to be sure
  3. LORD is Jehovah the self-existent, eternal GOD, who is and always was and will always be
II.Blessed is the disciple who prays and trusts in God- vs.4
Blessed is the Heb. word esher meaning spiritually blessed
a.He is blessed because his trust is in God
b.He is blessed because he prays and waits on the Lord
  1. He is blessed with God’s presence through praying and waiting
  2. He is blessed with God’s power through praying and waiting
  3. He is blessed with God’s provisions through praying and waiting
  4. He is blessed with God’s protection through praying and waiting
III.Praise God for his too many blessing to count- vs. 5
a.Many O Lord are thy wonderful works
O LORD is Jehovah the self-existing, self-sustaining, eternal God
God is Elohim the creator, Mighty God
  1. Wonderful works are the amazing things that only God can do
  2. Nothing or no one can be compared to God
  3. No one can do what God does
  4. God blessed him with grace and mercy even while he was in the horrible pit
b.God’s plans for us are incredible and incomprehensible to the human mind
c.I would tell others about all that you have done for me but they are too many count