Worship rekindles the fire for ministry and evangelism
Isaiah 6:1-8
Rev. Edward Bland, Th.D., 01/08/17
Cultivating and developing spiritual habits to grow spiritually healthy is a tremendous goal to pursue in 2017
But some worthy endeavor may require a boost or a jump start to get moving
I believe nothing can kick start our life for ministry like worship can
 Worship is the one principle of growth that affects every aspect of our human existence
  1. Worship affects us emotionally
  2. Worship affects us mentally
  3. Worship affects our will
I.Worship enables visualization of God- vs. 1-4
a.Trouble has a way of pushing us closer to God
  1. Worship is to experience God presence and his power
b.Worship takes place when we get a glimpse of God’s glory
  1. Isaiah says I saw the LORD
c.Worship reveals who God is and where God is
  1. God is Jehovah, Adonay , supreme ruler
  2. He is King of king
  3. He is above everything and over everything
d.Worship is when it is all about God
  1. Train filled the temple
e.God gives Isaiah a view of heavenly worship
1.Angelic worship in filled with praise and service
2.Angelic worship is grounded in humility
3.Angelic worship is loud and powerful
f.God fills the house when he is the object of worship
II.Worship creates self-evaluation- vs.4
a.Worship helps us to see God and ourselves
b.Worship brings conviction, repentance and confessions
  1. Woe is me, I am undone
  2. I am a man of unclean lips
  3. I dwell in the midst of people of unclean lips
c.For I have seen the King the LORD of host
  1. Seeing how holy God is shows us how unholy we are
  2. Worship ought to convict us sometimes
  3. God will not help us until we admit we need help
III.Worship produces transformation- vs.6-7
a.God always responds to our cry of repentance
b.Angels are ministering spirit who serve God and God’s people
c.Spiritual transformation is an act of God by way of the Holy Spirit
  1. Live coal is symbolic of life
  2. Altar is the place of sacrifice where the blood is applied on the mercy seat
  3. Hath touch thy lips is symbolic of applying the blood of Jesus on Calvary
d.Isaiah is changed through worship
  1. You cannot really have an encounter with God and remain the same
IV.Worship rekindles the fire for dedication to God- vs. 8
a.Worship opens our eyes to see God and our ears to hear from God
  1. I heard the voice of the Lord saying whom shall I send, who will go for us?
b.Worship ignites sensitivity to God’s call to ministry
c.Worship rekindles our desire to serve God and go for God
d.Worship rekindles the fire for ministry, discipleship, fellowship, and evangelism