Daring faith enables generous giving
2 Cor. 8:1-9
Dr. Edward Bland, 02/11/18
Paul writes to the church at Corinth concerning faith to give to ministry for the church at Jerusalem
Paul encourages and challenge them to give by reminding them of the Macedonia churches who have given generously to the ministry
  1. Giving in faith is divinely inspired by God- vs. 1-3
“Moreover brethren we do you to wit of the grace of God bestowed on the churches of Macedonia”
  1. Grace of God refers to grace giving
  1. Giving is a spiritual act empowered by faith in God
  2. The riches of their liberality is their rich generosity
  3. Daring faith enable them to give generously:
  1. They gave out of a great trail and affliction
  2. They gave out of their deep poverty
  1. They exceeded their ability to give- vs. 3
  2. They gave willingly and joyfully- vs. 3
  1. Grace giving is needed to meet ministry needs- vs. 4-6
  1. Grace giving builds fellowship among the saints
  2. Grace giving is ministry to the saints
  3. Grace giving is to first give yourself to the Lord
  4. Grace giving is giving yourselves to the men of God for the work of God
  5. Complete the ministry of giving which Titus begun in you- vs. 6
  1. Exercising faith in giving is as important as other gifts- vs. 7-8
  1. Generous giving is a gift from God which opens the door for more blessing from God
  2. Giving is equally important as faith to believe
  3. Giving is equally important as speech to teach
  4. Giving is equally important as knowledge of God’s word
  5. Giving is equally important as any other gifts given to the saints
  6. Giving proves our love to God
  7. See that ye abound in this grace (giving) also
  8. I speak not by commandment but by occasion of others- vs. 8
  1. Giving is to be done out of gratitude not rules
  2. Giving is an act of love not coercion
  3. Giving is a spiritual act of ministry
  4. Giving proves the sincerity of our love
  1. The greatest reason for generosity in giving- vs. 9
“For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor that ye through his poverty might be rich”
  1. What Jesus did is the best reason to give all of me to Him because he gave all of himself to me
  2. What he gave to me is the best reason for me to give
  3. How he gave himself to me is the best reason for me to give all I have to him
  4. For you know the giving of our Lord, Jesus, Christ
  1. Jesus was rich sitting up on His throne in heaven
  2. Jesus became poor that through his poverty I may be rich
  3. Jesus said, “Foxes have holes, birds have nest but the Son of man have nowhere to lay his head”
  1. Jesus came from a perfect heaven to an imperfect earth
  2. A perfect God came to an imperfect people
  3. Jesus gave up his riches in glory to save a wretch like me
  4. Jesus have already given us the greatest gift (Himself)