Faith to believe the impossible in ministry
Genesis 18:9-15
Dr. Edward Bland, 04/29/18
Abraham and Sarah started focusing too much on facts and not faith
  1. Faith is believing without understanding
  2. Facts are the probability of something happening based on what is seen     
  Sarah looked at herself and then looked at Abraham and concluded from the facts it’s impossible
Therefore, God comes all the way from heaven to reaffirm and to assure them that God is able to do the impossible
Faith believes that God can do anything because he is over everything
Faith believes the impossible; Gabriel told Mary nothing is impossible with God
Notice Abraham comes and meet Christ but the LORD says where is your wife Sarah?
  1. God promises the seemingly impossible- vs. 9-10
  1. God has come to increase our faith
  1. Word of God increases our faith
  2. Trusting God increases our faith
  3. Sarah is special she gets a personal visit from the LORD
  1. God reaffirms his promise to Sarah
  1. Abraham could not do what God said do without Sarah
  2. Sarah is an equal partner in this ministry promise
  1. The assurance of the promise
  1. I will certainly return unto thee according to the time of life and lo Sarah thy wife shall have a son
  2.  God guarantees his promised base on his faithfulness
  1. Doubt happens when we look at ourselves and not God- vs. 11-12
“Sarah heard it in the tent door”
  1. We need faith too hear God
  2. Facts cause Sarah to doubt her faith
  1. Abraham and Sarah were very old, 100 and 90 years old
  2. Sarah had passed the season of child bearing
  1. Facts cause her to laugh at God’s promise
  2. Sarah is looking at herself and Abraham and have not thought about who God is- vs 12
  3. Sarah loves God but what she sees has overwhelmed her
  4. Faith is believing what you can’t see humanly
  1. She doubts herself and her husband
  2. After I am waxed old shall I have pleasure my husband being old too?
  1. Faith is relying on God’s ability not ours- vs. 13-15
“Is there anything too hard for God?”
  1. Exercising faith is understanding it is not me but the God in me
  2. Exercising faith is knowing that when I am weak then am I strong
  3. Exercising faith is knowing I can’t do it but God can through me
  4. Our faith is based on who God is and what God can do
The question “Is anything too hard for God?”  Redirects Sarah attention from herself to God
  1. Abraham and Sarah can’t do much by themselves but with God nothing is impossible