Commitment to Spiritual Maturity while Focusing on the Great Commandment and Great Commission

Matthew 22:37-40; 28:18-20

Dr. Edward Bland, 04/24/16


The great commandment and the great commission contains the plans to grow the Lord’s great church


God desires growth in three areas:

  1. We are to grow spiritually

  2. We are to grow numerically

  3. We are to grow financially

The sequence is fundamental in the process

  • Spiritual growth must be intentional and planned

  • When Jesus answered the lawyer in Matthew 22:37-40 and instructed the church in Matthew 28:18-20 he was giving his plan for his church to grow spiritually mature

  1. Growing stronger through worship – vs. 37

  1. Worship takes our eyes off ourselves and focused them on Jesus

  2. Worship expresses our love and appreciation for Jesus

  • Heart is the Gr. word kardia

  • Soul is the Gr. word psuche

  • Mind is the Gr. word dianoia

  1. Worship requires all that constitute our very being

  1. With all our hearts – emotionally

  2. With all our soul- spiritually

  3. With all our mind- thoughtfully

  1. Growing broader through ministry- vs. 39

  1. We demonstrate our love to others by meeting their needs

  2. The ministry of the church is to meet needs inside and outside of the church

  3. Our ministry is three directional

  1. Ministry to God

  2. Ministry to believers

  3. Ministry to none believers

  1. Growing larger through evangelism- 28:19

  1. We are commanded to go into all the world and share our faith in Christ

  2. We must go, if we don’t go they will not come

  3. Evangelism is the only method God gave to grow his church (Acts 8:4)

  4. If we don’t go who will? If not now, then when?

  • Evangelism is an urgent matter

  1. Growing warmer through fellowship- Matt. 28:19b

  1. Baptizing them is to incorporate them into a loving local fellowship of believing

  2. It is to share life’s ups and downs in the body of Christ

  3. Fellowship is the Gr. word koinonia it is to love God and love one another

  4. It is building healthy relationships

  • Fellowship is to embrace and model the harmonious relationship of the Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

  1. They are one is essence

  2. They are one in function

  3. They are one in purpose

  1. Growing deeper through discipleship- Matt. 28:20

  1. Teaching them to observe all things

  • Teaching is the Gr. word didasko the act of teaching which results in learning

  1. Discipleship comes through teaching and being taught

  2. The deeper the roots are the stronger the tree

  3. The deeper we are in the word of God the stronger we are in the faith

  4. Discipleship makes us more like Christ the more we are like Christ the more we please God