Ministry of a spiritually healthy church
Galatians 6:1-10
Rev. Edward Bland Th. D., 04/2/17
I.The ministry of restoration- verse 1
a.Spiritual healthy believers are to be restoring spiritually weak believers
b.Spiritually healthy believers can’t stand by and watch their brothers and sisters suffer in sin and shame
c.Spiritually healthy believers are willing to take the risk to rescue a fallen brother or sister
1.God tells us what to do!
  • Ye which are spiritual (Gk. pneumatikos)
  • Restore such a one ( Gk. katartizo)
  • To mend as mending a fishing net
  • To repair as repairing a Swiss watch
  • To put back in place: to reset a disjointed limb; to reset a broken bone
a.It takes time
b.It takes care
c.It takes gentleness
2.God tells us how to do it!
  • In the spirit of meekness
  • In the spirit of gentleness
  • A mind of humility
  • An absence of pride and arrogance
3.God tells us why to do it!
  • Considering thyself
  • Lest thou also be tempted
a.We  are also subject to sin
b.We can also be trapped with the same sin
II.The ministry of bearing one another’s burdens- verse 2
a.Bearing another’s burdens is fulfilling the law of Christ
b.Law of Christ is love thy neighbor as thy self
c.Spiritually healthy believers are loving other people
d.Love is demonstrated through ministry to the hurting and needy
  1. Bear is an imperative verb in the present tense
  2. Bear is  bastazo meaning to lift a load, to endure weight
  1. Burden is the Gk. word baros meaning moral weakness
1.Sin that is too heavy to carry alone
2.Sin that is too much to handle by yourself
Notice the 5th verse, “For every man shall bear his own burdens”
Burden is the word phortion meaning personal responsibility
III.Ministry requires right thinking- vs. 3-4
  1. Pride is an enemy of ministry
  2. Comparing our so called good to the faults and failure of morally weak people hampers effective ministry
  3. Effective ministry starts with self-examination, “ but let every man prove his own work” and don’t compare yourself to other people
IV.Ministry of giving accelerates spiritual health- vs. 6-9
Let him is a Greek Verb it is in present tense and imperative
  1. The ministry of giving is a command from God
Communicate is a Greek verb koinoneo means to share, to give of our finances to our spiritual leader
  1. Ministry of meeting the financial needs of the pastor
  2. Giving to the man of God in an investment in the work of God to produce spiritual health
 “Be not deceived God is not mocked”: for whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap”
  1. The ministry of giving is equally important as any other
Giving is an investment in spiritual health, vs. 8
Vs. 9, “And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not
Weary is to lose heart, Faint not is not to give in or give up
V.Ministry to believers and non- believers- verse 10
a.Let us do good to all men
b.Greatest ministry to unbelievers is to evangelize them
c.Ministry to believers
  1. Ministry of encouragement
  2. Ministry of loving unconditionally
  3. Ministry of forgiving others