Transforming a Disciples

Judges 6:11-34

Dr. Edward Bland, 04/17/16

  1. Gideon’s affirmation from God- vs. 11-16

  1. God gives us what we need, encouragement

  • Encouragement is a great motivator

  1. God sees his potential not his problem

  • God wants us to see ourselves as he sees us

  1. God calls him who he is, even though he does not know who is

  • God calls him a mighty man of valor

  1. God calls him what he is not acting like

  2. God calls him a strong man but he is acting like a weak man

  3. God calls him a warrior but he acting like a wimp

  1. Gideon’s response to God’s call to discipleship – vs. 13-16

  1. Gideon’s revelation from God- vs. 17-25

  1. Gideon say proves to me that it’s you God who is talking to me, show me a sign

  2. Gideon says I know you want me to go now but wait until I go home and come back

  3. Gideon returns with a sacrifice of a goat. Unleavened bread and put it in a basket with broth and gave it to the angel of the LORD

  4. The angel of the LORD  touched the end of his staff to the flesh and fire rose up out of the rock

  5. Gideon realized that this is no ordinary man this is the revelation of Jehovah himself- vs.22

  • His response to being in God’s presence is to worship God

  1. Gideon’s confrontation from God- vs. 25-32

  1. God will test us to see if we are really ready to be a strong disciple of his- vs. 25

  2. There is the spiritual test- vs. 25-26

  • Who is going to be the God in your life?

  • What is really important in your life?

  1. There is the emotional test- vs. 27

  • Do you love me more than you love your family?

  • Do you love me more than you love family tradition? “we’ve always done it this way”

  • Are you willing to break family tradition and do it God’s way

  • You’ve got to get it right at home first

  • Are you willing to tear down your daddy’s altar?

  1. There is the physical test- vs. 28-31

  • Doing what God says and doing it the way God say do it is going to make some church folk mad

  • Discipleship can be risky and dangerous

  • Standing up for Christ will cause others to stand against you

Courage is contagious because Gideon stood up for God now his father stands up for him

Faith is infectious now the father is a believer and a disciple of Christ all because he sees his son totally sold out for Christ

  1. Gideon’s transformation from God – vs.34

  1. The Spirit of the LORD came upon Gideon

  • The Holy Spirit is the transforming power in the disciple’s life

  • The Holy Spirit empowers us to do what we thought we could not do

  • The Holy Spirit works in us and through us to be and to do what God says

  1. Gideon is now ready to go and to do what God says

  1. God has encouraged him

  2. God has revealed Himself to him

  3. God has confronted him

  4. God has transformed him

  5. Now people are ready to follow him