The Resurrection is Jesus’ Ministry Fulfillment
Matthew 28:1-10
Rev. Edward Bland, Th.D. 04/16/17 (Easter)
Jesus announced his ministry in Luke 19:10, “For the son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”
To fully understand resurrection Sunday is to think of it is light of what it is, it is God’s ministry to us through Jesus Christ
Mary Magdalene and the other women came to the grave of Jesus to finalize a proper burial and found an empty grave
  1. Love and gratitude for God develops a heart for ministry- vs. 1
        a. Ministry is fueled by love for God
  1. Love for God and people are the motivation for ministry
  2. Gratitude compel us to ministry
  1. When the saints engage in ministry for God, he helps us to do ministry- vs.2-5
  1. God will move ministry obstacles for his glory and our good
  2. Angelic ministry of revealing the empty grave
  3. Angelic ministry is to calm and inform the women
  4. The earthquake, removing of the stone by the angel is not to let Jesus out of the tomb but to let Mary and others look in to see that Jesus was not there any longer
  1. Ministry leads us to a greater revelation of God- vs. 6-7
          Risen is the Greek word egeriro (a-gay-row) to rise up again
  1. Validation of his earthy ministry’s completion
  1. He is not here: for He is risen
  1. Verification of his ministry fulfillment
  1. Come see the place where the Lord lay
  1. New ministry assignment for the women- vs. 7
  2. Angelic ministry completed (I have told you!)
  1. God reveals himself to those who are engaged in ministry – vs.8-10
  1. Love of God helps us to obey God’s call to ministry
  1. They departed quickly
  1. They are excited about the message (He is risen)
  2. They are excited about the ministry (report to his disciples)
  3. Ministry is to be exciting and joyous
  1. Fear was present but faith is greater
  2. Faith is greater than fear
  1.  God reveals himself when ministry is ongoing
  2. Ministry leads us to worship God
  3. God encourages us in the ministry
  4. God reaffirms our ministry